Bilal Memon@BilalMemon
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One of the top Canada immigration consultants. Throughout my process from case officer to the executive staff had given the greatest services possible. Great job. Keep rocking all the best & would definitely recommend.
Laiba Salman@LaibaSalman
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Dear salik sir and Hina maam .I am very grateful for your hard work you did on my Canada visa I would like to thank your staff very knowledgeable easy to reach and with tha hole application process very smooth as they were very transparent with the process highly recommend to everyone. Specially Hina maam thank you for your guidance thank you a lot ❤️
Mirabel Etta@MirabelEtta
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I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Ahmad Junaid Salit, Licensed-Immigration Consultant for his assistance in my Permanent Resident applications. It was not an easy journey because few months ago, I was completely out of status but Ahmad Junaid Salik handled the situation professionally and now I am a Permanent Resident. He knew very well what should be done when I was running out of status and when I was completely out of status. He provided me the options available and he suggested which is the best. He and his Team are incredibly knowledgeable, responsive and dedicated to make every application get approved successfully. I highly recommend Him for any Immigration Service!