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Foreign nationals and Canadians may come across matters pertaining to the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada. These could be:

  1. A Foreign national may require assistance with filing his refugee claim at the Refugee Protection Division (RPD) of IRB and later Representation for all correspondence and hearing before an RPD member. 
  2. A failed refugee claimant would require assistance with filing an appeal at the Refugee Appeal Division of IRB
  3. A Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident would require assistance filing an appeal to Immigration Appeal Division for a refused sponsorship application
  4. A Canadian PR would require assistance with filing an appeal against his deportation order due to non-compliance with residency obligations. 
  5. A Foreign national or PR would require assistance at Immigration Division (ID) for any inadmissibility. 

For these matters, only an authorized Immigration consultant holding an RCIC-IRB title can assist you with application filing and representation services. 

Contact RCIC-IRB Ahmad Junaid Salik, CICC Lic # R509291 for your assistance. He has been assisting clients with IRB Matters since 2013 and holds vast experience of all the four divisions of IRB. 

Toronto based licensed Canadian Immigration firm operating since 2013 in Canada and 2002 internationally. We are experienced in all areas of Canadian Immigration.

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