Admission in Canadian Universities

Canadian Universities offer Bachelor,  Graduate Certificate, Master and Ph.D  Programs. Bachelor degree is complete in 4-5 years, Graduate Certificate in 1 year, Master in 1.5 -2 years and Ph.D in 3-5 years.
For admission in Canadian Universities, students need to show very high academic record with English language proficiency. For admission in Undergraduate program, 70% and above percentage is required for admission depending upon the program and university. For admission in Master degree programs, admissions are further competitive. Students with 70% marks or 3.2+ CGPA can submit their admission application. However, due to competitive nature of admissions in Canadian universities, admissions are not guaranteed. Only best of the best students are granted admission in Canadian universities.
IELTS 6.5 and above with no module less than 6.0 is required for admission in Canadian universities.
Admissions in Ph.D are quite competitive and also depends upon the advisor’s availability and availability of funds.


Students planning to study in Canada are advised to start their admission and visa process 6-12 months prior depending upon their level of study. For admission in high School, Career and Community colleges, ideally students should start process 6-9 months in advance. For admission in university, students should start admission 9-12 months prior.

  1. Apply for Admission
  2. Get Letter of Acceptance from DLI
  3. Apply for CAQ (For studies in Quebec)
  4. Apply for Study permit
  5. Fly to Canada


Admission & Visa Process Through Euro Consultants:

With our two decades of relevant experience, we can advise and assist international students better than others. Our process includes:

  1. Assessment of student profile, interest and career aspiration
  2. Course & institution selection as per the student profile (without our preference)
  3. Admission application submission
  1. Visa file Compilation, Submission and representation before IRCC.
  2. Pre-departure briefing
  3. Post arrival guidance for settlement
  4. Future assistance with Study permit extension, Post graduate work permit, PR application, etc.