Quebec Investor Program

The government of Quebec is likely to reopen its world-famous Investor Immigration Program by the end of 2023.

This is the only passive investment program in Canada leading to Canadian Permanent Residence. 

Selected applicants will obtain Canadian Work Permit for themselves and an Open work permit and study permit for their spouse and children, respectively. 

Program Requirements: 

  1. 2 years of Management Experience 
  2. Net Worth: C$ 2 Million
  3. Donation to Quebec Government: C$200,000 
  4. Investment Required: C$1 Million (Financing options available)

Conditions to Work Permit: 

Applicants will receive Work & Study permits for themselves and their families valid for 3 years. During that time, they will be required to learn the French language and achieve a required level.

Residency Requirement:

  1. During the Work Permit, there is no residency requirement, except for learning the French language
  2. Upon obtaining Canadian Permanent Residence, there is a residency obligation of 730 days every five years.