Admissibility Review


Foreign Nationals -FN (Visitors, Students, Workers) and Canadian Permanent Residents – PR are examined for their admissibility at Canadian Ports of Entry. They are examined for their:

  • Security grounds
  • Human &/or International rights Violation
  • Serious criminality
  • Organized criminality
  • Failure to comply with the Act (Residence Obligation)

Inadmissible FN and PR are either detained or issued departure order at Port of Entry. In both the cases, you would need an experienced and authorized representative to assist you with dealing with the matter.


The CBSA may to detain a person who:

  • is unlikely to appear for an examination, hearing or removal,
  • is a danger to the public or has violated human or international rights
  • has not established his/her identity.
  • is inadmissible for security reasons or violating human or international rights,
    serious criminality, criminality or organized criminality.

Upon detention by CBSA, the first detention will be within 48 hours followed by 7 day review and 30 days review.

Due to intricacies of the legal matters, you require assistance of an experienced Immigration Counsel to assist you with release from detention.

Why Choose Ahmad Junaid Salik as your Counsel for release from Detention or Assisting you with Admissibility review case at Immigration Division of IRB?

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  2. 10 years experience as Licensed Canadian Immigration Consultant
  3. Over 20 years experience as International Immigration Consultant

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