Residency Obligation Appeals


Canadian Permanent Residents are required to be physically present in Canada for 730 in last 5 years. If you failed to fulfil your residency obligation, your departure order would be issued. You can appeal the decision in Immigration Appeal Division of IRB. This appeal will put a hold on your departure order till a decision is made by IAD.

For your appeal filing, You need an experienced counsel to draft your appeal on legal grounds supported by case citations and represent you before IAD in hearing.

Only RCIC-IRB are authorized to represent clients at IRB from July 1, 2023. 

onwards. an experienced and smart immigration counsel can help you with your appeal compilation and at hearing at Immigration Appeal Division of Immigration & Refugee Board of Canada.

At Euro Immigration Consultants we are experienced and authorized to represent clients at IAD. We have successfully helped several clients in the appeals and saved them from deportation. Contact us and discuss your case. We will do level best to help you save your PR status in Canada.

Why Choose Euro Immigration Consultant for your IAD Appeal?

  1. Mr. Ahmad Junaid Salik -CEO-of Euro Immigration Consultant is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant authorized to represent clients at IRB.  and member in good standing of ICCRC. Thus he is authorized to help you with your appeal matter at IAD of IRB.
  2. He is highly experienced with appeal cases at IAD and has successfully represented numerous clients at IAD.
  3. Mr. Ahmad adopts strategy to resolve the matter by responding to objections with proofs.
  4. His simplified approach to problem solving has helped him win client appeals at IAD of IRB.

WHY CHOOSE Ahmad Junaid Salik as your Counsel for  Appeal Process:

  1. Authorized Immigration Consultant to represent client at IRB (Level 3 Consultant authorized for practice both at IRCC (For Immigration) and IRB (For Refugees and Appeals).
  2. 10 years experience as Licensed Canadian Immigration Consultant
  3. Over 20 years experience as International Immigration Consultant

How to Apply:

Please contact the licensed Immigration Consultant on or call +1 9053998620 to set up your consultation meeting and discuss your case.

Ahmad Junaid Salik- RCIC-IRB , Lic # R509291