PR card Renewal Application


Canadian Permanent Residents are issued PR card with which they can travel back to Canada. This card is valid upto 5 years or less from the date of issue. Upon expiry of PR card,they can apply for its renewal, subject to meeting residency obligation.

Permanent Residents are required to spend 730 days in Canada as part of their residency obligation. Spouse and children of Canadian Citizens, if living abroad with Canadian citizen, are considered to be living in Canada and fulfil their residency obligation.

If you have fulfilled your residency obligation, you can apply for renewal of your PR card. There is no restriction on the number of renewals and you can continue to remain a PR through your life, without ever applying for Canadian citizenship.

At Euro Consultants, We can help you with your PR Card Renewal Application. It may take upto 6 months for your card to be processed for renewal

Application Fee: $50

Application Compilation and submission fee: $500 + tax