If your sponsorship application for your parents, spouse, children or common law partner has been refused, you can file an appeal at Immigration Appeal Division of IRB. At this stage you definitely need the help of an experienced counsel to draft your appeal and represent you before IAD. 

If your appeal is properly compiled and submitted with supporting documents, your appeal may be resolved at ADR (Alternate Dispute Resolution) hearing at IAD. This is a less formal hearing where a member of IAD will try to resolve the matter. 

If the matter is not resolved and the officer from IRCC is not satisfied, the matter will be put to a full and formal hearing at IAD. If the appeal is approved at this stage, it will be referred back to IRCC to issue a visa to the applicant.

If IAD refuses your appeal, you may file a case for Judicial review at Federal court of Canada. 


Canadian Permanent Residents are required to live 730 days in Canada out of 5 years. If you failed to fulfil your residency obligation, your departure order would be issued. You can appeal the decision in IAD. This appeal will put a hold of your departure order. 

You need an experienced counsel to draft your appeal and represent you before IAD. 

At Euro Immigration Consultants we are experienced and authorized to represent clients at IAD. We have successfully helped several clients in the appeals and saved them from deportation. Contact us and discuss your case. We will do our level best to help you save your PR status in Canada.