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Canadian Permanent Residents become eligible to apply for Citizenship after living 1095 days in 5 years in Canada. They can claim a maximum upto 365 days of their presence as Temporary residence in Canada. Each day spent in Canada as TR is counted as half day towards their citizenship. 

Applicants claiming Canadian citizenship must have filed taxes for 3 years in Canada .

Applicants between the ages 18-54 need to prove their proficiency in one of Canada’s official languages; English or French at CLB level 4. You may be exempt if you have completed a secondary or post secondary program in English. 

If you’re 18 to 54 years of age on the day you sign your application, you need to take the citizenship test. You’ll need to answer questions about the rights and responsibilities of Canadians and Canada’s:

The test is:

Learn more about the citizenship test.

  • Prohibitions

If you committed a crime in or outside Canada


Canadian Permanent Residents are issued PR card with which they can travel back to Canada. This card is valid upto 5 years from the date of issue. Permanent Residents are required to spend 730 days in Canada as part of their residency obligation. Spouse and children of Canadian Citizens, if living abroad with Canadian citizen, are considered to be living in Canada and fulfil their residency obligation. 

If you have fulfilled your residency obligation, you can apply for renewal of your PR card. There is no restriction on the number of renewals and you can continue to remain a PR through your life, without applying for Canadian citizenship. 

If you have failed to fulfil your residency obligation, your departure order will be issued. You can appeal the decision in Immigration appeal division of the IRB. 

At Euro Immigration Consultants we can help you with any matter related to your residency obligation and appeal at IAD.


Canadian Permanent Residents can apply for a travel document if they are outside Canada and have either lost their PR Card or their PR card is expired. They will be issued a limited time single or multiple entry visa to return to Canada. However, applicants need to prove to the visa officer that he / she fulfills the residency obligation.


Foreign nationals when apply for a visa, may receive a procedural fairness letter from IRCC requesting a clarification for any doubts they have over the application or a document submitted with the application. It is your chance to respond and clarify your position before the visa officer will refuse your application and may ban you from applying for any type of Canadian visa for 5 years. 

If you have received a PF letter, you are strongly advised to take help from an experienced counsel for your reply. 

At Euro Immigration Consultants we can help you with drafting your reply to the PF letter you received and satisfy the concerns of the visa officer in order to issue you visa. 

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