If you are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, You can sponsor your family including your spouse/common law partner/conjugal partner, dependent children, dependent children of your spouse/common law partner/conjugal partner, your parents and dependent children of your parents.

Sponsoring a Spouse or Common law Partner:

If you are Canadian citizen or a permanent resident, you can sponsor your spouse or common law partner to become permanent resident in Canada. If you are a Canadian Permanent resident and sponsoring your spouse or common law partner, you must be present in Canada. Canadian citizens outside Canada can sponsor their spouse or common law partner.

Sponsoring Parent and grand parents:

If you are Canadian Permanent resident or citizen, you can sponsor your parents who have the following options:

I. Apply for Permanent residency-If you meet the financial requirements.

II. Apply for Parents & grand parents Super visa which authorizes them to live in Canada for two consecutive years without going out of Canada. Its validity is up to 10 years or the duration of the passport.

III. Apply for  10 years multiple entry visit visa which authorizes your parents to stay for 6 months every time they visit Canada. ( They may apply for extension of stay if they want to live beyond 6 months in Canada)

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