Procedural Fairness Replies



Foreign nationals when apply for a visa, may receive a procedural fairness letter from IRCC requesting a clarification for any doubts they have over the application or a document submitted with the application. It is your chance to respond and clarify your position before the visa officer will refuse your application and may ban you from applying for any type of Canadian visa for 5 years.

This reply is very crucial and your only chance to clarify the doubts and objections that the visa officer has over your application. If you have applied for the visa application yourself without the guidance and consultation of a licensed and  experienced Canadian Immigration Consultant or Canadian Lawyer, it is most likely that your application will be turned down.

In order to avoid and refusal, you are strongly advised to retain an experienced counsel to assist you with drafting of reply to immigration officer.

An experienced and licensed Canadian immigration counsel knows what is exactly required by the visa officer, what are the legal requirements, the official language, what has to be addressed and responded.

Remember this is your only chance to avoid refusal.

Don’t take a chance by responding yourself .

Contact Mr. Ahmad Junaid Salik of Euro Consultants, a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant practicing Canadian Immigration since 2013 in Canada. He has vast experience of Canadian immigration and can better help you draft your response.