Canada offers study opportunity from K12 to University level education. Annually over 200,000 international students get Study Permit to study in Canada. The number of international students is targeted to be doubled by 2020.

In order to apply for student visa and obtain study permit, the following major requirements need to be fulfilled:

  1. Letter of Acceptance (LOA) from a Designated learning institution(DLI) in Canada
  2. Bank statement to cover tuition fee for one year+living expenses for one year amounting C$10000 + traveling expenses to and from Canada.
  3. Letter of Explanation
  4. Provide other supporting documents

International students are allowed to do part time job during term period and fulltime during vacations. After completing studies in Canada, international students can apply for Post graduate Work Permit (PGWP). The duration of PGWP varies from 8-36 months depending upon the length of studies in Canada. After obtaining one year of work experience in Canada at a certain level, International students can apply for Permanent residence in Canada under Canadian Experience Class through Express Entry.

Foreign Nationals can study in Canada in the following major types of institutions:

  1. K12 Schools
  2. Community Colleges
  3. Career Colleges
  4. Universities

For details about studies in Canada or applying for student visa, please fill our online assessment form available on this website and upload your academic documents. We will evaluate your eligibility and advise the right course and right institution along with assistance in compilation, submission and representation of Study Permit/Visa application.