Euro Consultants is a modern aspiring licensed Canadian Immigration consulting and International students Advising firm in Toronto, Canada. It has been operating internationally since 2002 and is well know in six continents.

At Euro Consultants, we offer advising and consulting services in over 60 categories of Canadian immigration, classified broadly under business immigration, skilled workers’ immigration, students’ immigration, family class and temporary residents.

At Euro Consultant, we work with predefined Vision, Mission and objectives;


To be a leading multinational Immigration consulting firm processing over 10000 client applications every year.


  • To offer high quality services related to Canadian immigration.
  • To help people make Canada as their destination for living, working and studying.
  • To offer one stop solution to our clients.
  • To ensure client success by thorough research into his issue and problem
  • To place the right student in the right academic institution for the right reason
  • To help¬†people select their career pathway.
  • To help professionals reach their destination through skilled immigration.
  • To serve people with all sort of immigration services.



  • Professional
  • Knowledgeable
  • Accomplished
  • Renowned
  • Well Established
  • Dedicated
  • Cooperative
  • Innovative
  • Responsible
  • Trustworthy
  • Integrity
  • Caring
  • Diversity
  • Networking,